Movierulz VS Netflix: Which is the best Streaming Website?

Movierulz VS Netflix: Which is the best Streaming Website?

Watching films and movies has always been a passion for people ever since the very first film was played. Since then, not even 150 years have been completed and the entertainment industry has now become so vast that it is perplexing. Each country is producing its films, movies, and TV series and it becomes a hard choice as to what to watch or what not to watch. Nowadays there are lots of places on the internet where you can download and watch your favorite films and TV shows. Today we are going to talk about the two of them; well actually we will make a comparison of the two: Movierulz VS Netflix.

Movierulz Introduction

Movierulz is for the folks who love to watch films and TV series but simply cannot afford to pay the subscription prices for streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. Movierulz is a torrent website; a fairly popular one because while all other torrent-based websites suffered a strict crackdown, Movierulz is still operating. The website allows for users to download the movies and TV series of their liking through torrent links and the uTorrent downloader.

Netflix Introduction

If you are somebody who loves to watch movies and TV shows, you surely know about Netflix. It is one of the most widely used and popular media streaming services across the globe. The official website for Netflix offers hundreds and thousands of unique TV shows and films with just a single access. Netflix also makes its content which is constantly updated on their platform. The great thing is that one can watch all this content online anytime from anywhere on any digital device. Also read: How To Unblock Movierulz APK?

Price Comparison: Movierulz VS Netflix


When it comes to the pricing of Movierulz, this is free of charge; totally free, no dime. This is a true one-of-a-kind deal where you get to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without paying anything.

This is a torrent-based website that allows you to download movies and TV shows of varying qualities from all over the world. You can watch content from content-creating industries like

·         Hollywood

·         Bollywood

·         Tamil

·         Telugu

·         Malayalam

·         Punjabi etc


When it comes to Netflix prices, it is a subscription-based platform where they charge subscribers with a Monthly Fee. There are multiple subscription plans, you can opt for to watch movies and TV shows from any device. Netflix gives you the option to choose for things like Quality Settings to minimize the data consumption. There are usually 3 following Subscription plans.

·         Standard Plan with Ads is a plan for $6.99 per month where you can watch movies in SD (Standard Definition) on a single device with ads in the middle.

·         Standard plan is for $15.49 per month for watching videos in HD (high Definition) on 2 different devices.

·         Premium Plan is for $19.99 per month to watch content in 4K Ultra HD on 4 devices simultaneously.

How to Stream & Download? Movierulz VS Netflix


In order for you to start streaming or downloading movies and TV shows on Netflix you just need to follow the following steps.

·         Open your web browser on your PC, mobile, or any other device that offers an internet connection and a watching screen.

·         Now enter the URL for or simply Google the name Netflix and open the first link.

·         There is a ‘’Sign In’’ option at the top right corner of the screen. You need to have the subscription plan to have your Sign In credentials like a Username and a Password. Enter these credentials to log in to your Netflix account.

·         Now search for the particular movie or TV show that you wish to see or can watch one from the recommendations or genres of Netflix.

·         As per your Subscription plan the movie or TV shows will start streaming.

·         If using Netflix on Windows or iOS devices, you can also download these movies and TV shows to watch later.

Now watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere & anytime on the go.


Movierulz is one of a one-of-a-kind service; a website where you can get torrent links for all kinds of movies or TV shows, in order to watch the movies or TV shows you need to follow the simple steps.

·         Go to the official website of

·         Look for the movie or TV show you wish to see in the Search bar.

·         Open the torrent link for the movie or TV show and download the torrent file.

·         You must have the uTorrent downloader installed on your system.

·         Open the downloaded torrent file and the uTorrent file will start the download automatically for offline watching.

Pros & Cons: Movierulz VS Netflix

Both Movierulz and Netflix have their own unique set of pros and cons. Both these services offer their own benefits and disadvantages. A few of them are as follows.


              Pros               Cons
 1.       Ease of access 1.       Piracy Concern
 2.       torrent magnet links     2. Need to use VPN
 3.       genre selection     3. Does not work without uTorrent
 4.       HD and BRrip qualities     4. Once deleted, need to download again
 5.       Offline watching    5. Content updated only after a specific time period later.


              Pros               Cons
 1. Ease of access 1.       Subscription plans needed
 2.  Content updated on Time     2. Stable internet for streaming  
 3. Multiple Genre Selection       3. Limited device streaming
 4. Premium Plan with 4K HD quality     4. limited quality settings for Standard plans
 5. watch online or offline      5. content from only legitimate sources, meaning that not all the movies and TV shows


All in all, both Movierulz and Netflix are websites. In comparing Movierulz VS Netflix, we came to know that one offers a legitimate source but comes with a hefty subscription price plan whereas the other comes as a free service. This is the main difference between the two.

Movierulz does come with a biggest flaw which is that it is a website that offers pirated video content. As for content on Netflix, it is totally legitimate and you are paying money to use this website ( Choose whichever service suits you best and we hope that our comparison of Movierulz VS Netflix offers you insight to make this decision.

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