Movierulz vs iBOMMA

Movierulz vs iBOMMA Which is the Best Music Streaming Website?

Since the adaptation of photography, humankind has always been immersed been them. Photography and its underlying technology got better and better and that led to videography. Watching those moving pictures of people created an illusion of thrill in the minds of the viewers. It is simply unbelievable to imagine that within 150 years the movie-making business has blossomed into a fully-fledged industry. Now with the help of the internet, the movies that we once used to only watch at the cinemas are now available right in the comfort of our own homes.

Streaming platforms are now the new norm for watching movies and TV shows of varying languages and countries. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and other such services are offering quality services. Now, whether there are legal ways to watch the movies, there are also some crooked ways. There is an unlimited supply of movies and TV shows streaming websites where one can download or watch the movies and TV shows online or watch them offline. One of the widely used website is Movierulz and the other one is iBOMMA. Today we bring to our readers a comparison of these two sites; Movierulz VS iBOMMA.

Movierulz Introduction

Movierulz is one of the websites that offers a vast library of movies and TV shows for entertainment lovers. This website is here to offer its users a wide range of content in multiple languages like

·         English

·         Hindi

·         Tamil

·         Telugu

·         Kannada

·         Malayalam among others

Movierulz is a torrent based website; offering torrent magnet links making it a totally pirated website. One can simple go on to the website and look for the movie or TV show that they kike and simply download it to watch it offline.

iBOMMA Introduction

iBOMMA is also one of the widely used websites for movie and TV show lovers but there is one thing that makes it distinct. The distinction is that this website is only able to offer users with Tamil movie and TV show content. One can download movies or TV shows from the website with ease and watch them offline. The website has a friendly user interface offering its users a genre category where they can look for multiple genres like

·         Action

·         Horror

·         Comedy

·         Drama

·         Romance

·         Science Fiction

Another great thing about iBOMMA is that the movies on the website are offered in a diverse range of video resolutions like 480p and 1080p and one can download these movies as per their storage space.

Price Comparison: Movierulz VS iBOMMA


The one thing that comes to mind when downloading movies or TV shows from a website is the price. Movierulz has freed its users from this worry as the website is a totally free service. The database of Movierulz is a vast one with all the latest releases, exceptional video quality selection, and categories for genres.

Users can look for their favourite movies and TV shows in the search option and simply download to view later. Movierulz tends to earn its revenue from the ads that pop up mid-streaming or even on the main page. So, the users visiting this website are already adding a plenty enough to the revenue generation.


Coming to the iBOMMA website, the website is also an elegant approach to being an alternative to Movierulz. This website offers content only for Tamil movies and TV shows. The website is not a torrent website but due to the offering of free content, it still falls in the category of pirated websites.

As for the users that need to visit it; the good news for you is that it is totally free. You need to simply visit the website, look for the movie or TV show, click on it, choose from video quality links and press the download button.

How to Stream & Download? Movierulz VS iBOMMA

For those of you looking on the guide of how to download the movies & TV shows from Movierulz or iBOMMA, this is the comparison. Both are user-friendly websites but each has its own downloading and streaming functionality.


The step-by-step guide to stream or download movies & TV shows on Movierulz is as follows.

·         Start by opening your web browser on the pc, laptop, mobile or tablet. Enter the URL for the Movierulz website and wait for it to load.

·         There is a search bar; mostly located on the top left corner of the website. Enter the name of the movie or TV show you wish to see and the results will pop up.

·         Click on the file and then a new page will open showing you the torrent link.

·         Download the torrent link and it will be stored in your Downloads.

·         Open the download link from the download section and it will automatically capture the download link for uTorrent downloading.

·         The file will be downloaded and stored on to your device for offline viewing.


Downloading the movies and TV shows from iBOMMA is even easier than downloading it from Movierulz. The only drawback is that the content is entirely in Tamil language.

·         Open the web browser and enter the URL for iBOMMA that you see fit.

·         Locate the search bar and enter the name of the content.

·         Once the results come, click or tap on the movie you want. It will open up in a new page.

·         On this page, you will see options for video quality like 360p, 480p, and 1080p. Choose the one that you see fit for your storage space.

·         Click on the download button and the file will start downloading in the browser downloads. If you have other downloaders, they can also automatically start downloading the files for you.

The movie & TV show files downloaded from iBOMMA are not torrent-based based so there is little threat of malicious malware invading your systems.

Pros & Cons: Movierulz VS iBOMMA

Movierulz and iBOMMA are both great websites; each with its own features. To further elaborate on the comparison of Movierulz VS iBOMMA, we have listed down some pros and cons for each.


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         1.       User-friendly interface ·             Pirated Content
 ·         2.       Malware free Torrent links ·         VPN necessary to hide IP presence
 ·         3.       Broad Genre Selection ·         uTorrent downloader is the only downloader
 ·         4.       Multiple Video Quality Options ·         Once downloads are deleted, need to download again to watch the content.
 ·         5.       Download to watch offline ·         Pirated content is updated only after a few days.


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         An easy to use Interface with minimalistic adds ·         1.       Pirate website
 ·         Android and iOS apps available to watch on mobile devices ·         Mid-streaming advertisement pop ups.
 ·         Genre for various niches    ·         Download failing often due to broken links
 ·         360p, 480p, & 1080p video quality links ·         Threat of malicious viruses and malware.
 ·         Stream online or watch offline   ·         Tamil language content only


Our thought on the comparison of MovieRulz VS iBOMMA is that both are great websites. Each has its own pros and cons. But the main thing is that these two websites cater to the need of downloading and watching free movies & TV shows of the users. As for the pirated content concern; both come under digital piracy terms; so the decision to use these websites is solely yours.

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