Movierulz vs Extra Movies

Movierulz vs Extra Movies – Movies & TV Series Streaming Websites Comparison

Movies and TV shows have been present as long as the technological age has been in the works, in fact even more so. People have been enamoured by the moving pictures and accompanying sounds and feel as if they have been transported to another unique world. Nowadays, to watch these movies and TV shows, all one needs to do is to take out their mobile phone and sign in to some streaming platform and watch these movies and TV shows any time they wish.

But not everyone is as lucky; these streaming platforms charge a lot of money and people often look for cheaper alternatives. One such alternative is MovieRulz and even to that there are other alternatives. Today, we decided to bring our readers a comparison of Movierulz VS ExtraMovies.

We are going to dissect each and everything in this comparison blog so hang on to your seats.

Movierulz Introduction

Movierulz is a website that is known for providing its users with free-of-cost entertainment content. With a vast library of movies and TV shows in varying languages and of different countries; MovieRulz APK gained popularity as early as 2008.

The website offered torrent magnet links for downloading all the movies and TV shows released worldwide in multiple languages. The primary users of this website are from South Asia. Nowadays all across the world, people know this website and are using one or another kind of its mirror link. The site is popular because of providing content in languages like

· English

· Hindi

· Telugu

· Tamil

· Malayalam

· Punjabi etc

To make things better, there is an option to select for the video quality from 360p to 4k HD Ultra High quality.

ExtraMovies Introduction

ExtraMovies in among one of the finest websites; or better yet platforms where you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows. Users can download movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Telugu movies among others. The thing that makes ExtraMovies a great asset is that it updates its content timely. You can get all sorts of movies and TV shows here. To make things more attractive, all the content here is free to use. You do not need to pay a dime to get the content.

Talking about its interface, it cannot be simpler. It offers just a simple search bar where you can locate your favourite content and then simply download it through your browser. No more hassle of torrent links.

Price Comparison: Movierulz VS ExtraMovies


Pricing is certainly a great concern for entertainment-watching users. Regular movies and TV shows often cost money via their platforms like Netflix, HBO MAX, and Amazon Prime. But with MovieRulz, you do not need to worry about money any longer.

Movierulz offers its users a totally free-of-charge service. There is not even a need to make an account on the website; although it does offer this service but you can still use it without it.

But let us make something clear that MovieRulz and all the other websites like it come into the category of pirate websites. This means that these websites are offering legal content in an illegal manner.


ExtraMovies is a website that like Movierulz is also a free platform for watching movies and TV shows. And just like Movierulz, this website also offers its services free of cost. And to answer the obvious; yes this is also a pirate website.

This website also offers the sign-up option but one can use it without making an account. No money or even a credit card number is required to make the account. Simply go to the website, interact with the user-friendly interface to search the content, and download it. ExtraMovies is one of the best alternatives to Movierulz if you are tired of torrent downloading. You simply need to click on the content’s download button and it will download automatically on its own.

How to Stream & Download? Movierulz VS ExtraMovies


Movierulz has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which even a new person can understand easily. Still, to make things easier, this is the step-by-step process for it.

·  Open the URL for the Movierulz website that you like.

·   Look for the search bar in the top left corner of the screen and enter the name of the movie or TV show.

·   Once the results load, choose the file that you see fit for your storage space.

·   The file is a torrent magnet link of a few KBs; download it and open the file to unlock the download address.

·  Once the torrent file is opened, uTorrent automatically starts the download.

·  The file will be saved for offline view.


Coming to ExtraMovies, while it boasts a library as vast as Movierulz, it is not a torrent website. This means that the download method from ExtraMovies is even simpler. Follow these steps to download content from ExtraMovies.

·  Go to the URL in your device’s browser.

·   Look for the search bar and enter the name of the movie or TV show in it and let the results load.

·   Once the title appears, click on the banner and it opens up in the new page.

·   There will be various options like video quality settings. Choose the best one and scroll down to get the Download ink.

·   Tap on the button Download and the file will start downloading automatically.

·   The file will be saved in your device to watch offline later on.

Pros & Cons: Movierulz VS ExtraMovies

To further elaborate on the Movierulz VS ExtraMovies comparison, we give you the pros and cons for each one.


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         Intuitive interface ·         Pirate website
 ·         Torrent website ·         Threat of malware
 ·         Vast content library ·         uTorrent downloader necessary
 ·         HD & BRrip video qualities ·         No mobile app
·         Offline video-watching ·         Content updated after quite a while in HD qualities


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         Simple website design, user friendly ·          Need VPN to launch the website
 ·         Video can be downloaded with any simple downloader ·         Stable internet for streaming  
 ·         Web series, and documentaries added like no other website ·         Pirate content
 ·         Dual Audio Videos ·         Content available in HD quality after a  long while
 ·         Multiple Video Quality options ·         Download links often broken


In this comparison of Movierulz VS ExtraMovies, we dissected the key aspects of each website. Both of these websites offer the same service of providing free movies and TV shows. The free factor is common in both these websites along with their user-friendly interface. The one thing that makes them different from each other is their download method. Other than that you can use either one of these websites for a great time view.

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