Movierulz vs Einthusan: Which is the best Streaming App?

What can one do when they are free on a weekend and they can of nothing to do? Well, duh, just blow up some popcorn in the microwave and start your favourite movie or TV show on the TV, laptop or mobile device. Well, things were not so simple back then like the ease we have today. Back then, people had to either watch movies in cinemas or rent CDs or DVDs from the store. Now each and everything is in the palm of our hands. Check also: Movierulz vs Extra Movies

Multiple paid platforms are on the internet but they all charge a huge sum of money for monthly subscriptions. To counter that there are also free of charge websites.  These websites offer all the content of these paid platforms free of charge but you must know that all of it comes under the Pirate Content category. Today we offer you a comparison of two such websites; Movierulz VS Einthusan.

Movierulz Introduction

Movierulz APK; as you can ask anyone in South Asia is a go to website for downloading free movies and TV shows. The website was launched back in 2008 by God knows who; as is the case for majority of Pirate Websites. Movierulz being a torrent website came under scrutiny multiple times and got banned in many countries but always alternative links to it appeared and the website is still going strong even to this day.

The website is a torrent-based website; offering users’ torrent magnet links to download the movies and watch them later on as they like. This is the only drawback of the website that you need to download the movie before watching it and once deleted, you need to redownload it.

Einthusan Introduction

Einthusan is one of the best alternatives to Movierulz these days. The website offers a vast library just like its counterpart where you can download movies in languages like

·         English

·         Hindi

·         Tamil

·         Telugu

·         Malayalam

·         Kannada

·         Punjabi etc

The website is a little bit tricky in offering the download option for the content but it still remains one of the people’s favourite for downloading content. The reason being; it updates the content on its servers timely and consistently.

Price Comparison: Movierulz VS Einthusan


Money is everything these days and to watch movies and TV shows, you need to pay a lot of money these days as well. You need to pay the streaming platform monthly subscriptions and then even opt for the data plans that cost quite a dough each month. Even if one of the two can be subsided, it would be greatly beneficial and Movierulz provides just that subsidy to its users.

With MovieRulz, you get a free-of-charge service to download and watch movies and TV shows online. One simply needs to have a stable internet connection so they can browse the website to download the content.


Einthusan is also similar in this regard as its counterpart MovieRulz. The website offers the users with free of charge service where they get to stream and download the movies and TV shows for free.

Einthusan even goes a step beyond as compared to Movierulz when it comes to free service. Movierulz is a torrent-based website; meaning that you need to first download the torrent magnet link and then open it to further get the original download link. As for Einthusan, it simply offers the download link from its URL. While a bit tricky, it still is an easier way as compared to Movierulz.

How to Stream & Download? Movierulz VS Einthusan


Movierulz; with its torrent magnet link, has a tricky download method for movies and tv shows. The steps involved in downloading the content are as follows.

·         Open the URL for the Movierulz website that you find working best.

·         On the top right corner near the sign-in or sign-up option is the search bar. You can either make an account or download without making the account; it doesn’t matter.

·         Once the content title results load, choose the one that you see fit for your video quality or storage space preferred.

·         Downloading it will give you a torrent magnet link, you can download it to get the original download link later.

·         The file is stored in the Downloads; open it and click on the torrent file to start the downloading automatically via uTorrent.

·         The file after downloading, will be saved in the download folder of the pc or you can also change the address for it. Watch the content offline whenever you see fit.


The step-by-step guide for downloading content from Einthusan is as follows.

·         You need to first make an account on the Einthusan website and log in to it.

·         Look for the movie you need to download.

·         You can either stream the movie online or download it. For downloading, right-click on the movie to select Link Address and copy it. (you need to have an adequate downloader installed prematurely for this method like IDM or ANT toolbar.)

·         Now paste the video link in the ADD URL section of IDM. IDM will capture the link to give the file in usually an MP4 format.

·         Simply start the file download and the file gets downloaded onto your device.

·         Watch the movie later offline.

Pros & Cons: Movierulz VS Einthusan


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         User, intuitive, user-friendly, Ease of access ·         Digital Piracy Website
 ·         torrent magnet links ·         VPN use necessary
 ·         Content library with genre categorization ·         uTorrent downloader necessary
 ·         HD, HD Cam, and BRrip qualities · One-time download to watch the content
 ·         Offline watching ·         Pirate content updated only after a while


                  Pros                  Cons
 ·         Ease of access ·         mid-streaming ad pop ups
 ·         Multiple language content ·         Stable internet for streaming  
 ·         Genre Selection   ·         Can be used mostly on web browser
 ·         Free Content ·         limited video quality
 ·         watch both online or offline   ·         Pirate website


Movierulz VS Einthusan comparison is concluded and one thing that we get from it is that both of these websites fall under the pirate website category. The common thing between both of them is that both websites offer free content for their users. People often gravitate towards Movierulz because of the ease of access involved in the downloading process and also because it offers a much larger data library as compared to Einthusan.

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