How to stop pop-ups on Movierulz?

How to stop pop-ups on Movierulz?

Today we are going to talk about a world-renowned movie & TV shows website by the name Movierulz. Movierulz is one of the world-renowned websites where millions of users come daily to watch and download their favourite movies and TV shows. Movierulz is a torrent-based website that has torrent magnet links on it that allow the user to easily download the movies and TV shows on the website with the torrent downloader. However, the problem with all the free content-providing websites is that they have lots of pop-ups on them. Now to answer your burning question ‘’how to stop pop ups on Movierulz’’ we offer some deep insight.

Before we begin, let us tell you what Movierulz is all about and what this website holds for its millions of users.

What is Movierulz? Why is it so popular worldwide?

Movierulz, as you already know to some extent by its name, is a website that offers users to download movies and TV shows for free. The users have not only access to movies in following languages, but they also get the liberty to choose the image quality or the file size to download and watch afterward offline.

  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi and others

The Movierulz database is quite broad and each new movie or TV show that gets released gets on its servers in a day or two or even on the same day of the release.

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Is Movierulz a Pirate website?

To answer your question, is Movierulz a pirate content delivery website? Yes! Like all other torrent websites that allow users to download and watch movies and TV shows for free, it is also an illegal or in law-terms digital piracy websites. The content there is uploaded without the consent of the original producers and even these digital pirates that create these websites earn money off of this data.

How does Movierulz make money?

Movierulz works on the same model as its fellow torrent websites; revenue is generated through advertisements. There are basically two types of revenue generation streams via ads:

  • One from on-page ads
  • Pop up ads

On-page ads are the ones the ones that when you open a website, they are already present on the page. Clicking on them redirects to the services of these ads. As for the pop ups advertisements, they are the most annoying kind. When a user clicks on even a single feature of the website, these ads pop ups are opened onto a new tab; making it cumbersome to use these websites.

How to stop pop ups on Movierulz?

Before you learn how to stop pop ups on Movierulz, you need to understand what are pop ups. Pop ups are the browsr windows that tend to open up any times when a person is using internet. They are mostly triggered  by an action like a single click of your mouse button or even as simply as moving the cursor over the window.

Movierulz has the same exact pop ups problem with it. Actually these pop ups are the advertisements via which these torrent websites generate their revenue. Now there are lots of ways on how to stop pop ups on Movierulz, we will tell you the 5 main ones.

Download a Pop Up Blocker

One of the optimal ways to remove these pop ups is to install on your browser an ad or pop up blocker. These browser pop up blockers work in 2 different ways. O

  1. One is that they instantly close the pop up as soon as it opens on the browser.
  2. Second is that they tend to stop the command which triggers these pop ups.

Few of the commonly used pop up/ ad blockers include ones like Adblocker, Adblock and AdGuard. These ad blockers are downloaded as a browser extension and they are turned on automatically. So when you stream videos on websites or download movies from websites with pop ups problem like Movierulz; you get your personal ad-free experience. Did we tell you that these ad blockers are TOTALLY FREE!

Disable the permission for your browser’s Pop Ups

One common mistake it that you might accidently or unknowingly give permission to many websites to launch pop up windows. This happens when you open a streaming website and it asks you the permission for ‘’you want permissions or not’’. Some folks unknowingly hit yes and thus these websites then send you pop ups in form of notifications.

So, the way to avoid pop ups is to immediately disable the ‘’Get Notifications’’ request from such websites including Movierulz.

Changing Your Browser Settings

There is also a way where you just need to change a few of your browser settings to help block these pop ups. Going forward we will give you step-by-step guide on how to change pop up settings for a few popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari.

Chrome Browser Settings:

  • First thing you need to do is to open your browser and go to its ‘’Settings’’.
  • From ‘’Settings’’ select and option ‘’Privacy & Security’’.
  • From there select option ‘’Site Settings’’.
  • Within the option Site Settings, go down and choose the option ‘’Pop-ups & Redirects’’ which is followed by another option ‘’Don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects’’.
  • Once you check mark this previous option; close your Chrome browser and open it again for no more pesky pop ups issue.

Mozilla Browser Settings:

  • Open the browser and go to the option ‘’Tools’’.
  • There, look for the ‘’Options’’ and select the option ‘’Privacy & Security’’.
  • Now select the option ‘Permission’’ flowed by the action ‘’Block Pop-up Windows’’ and checkmark it.
  • When you click the command OK and re-launch your browser, you will not get pop ups anymore.

Safari Browser for Mac:

  • In the Safari browser look for the option ‘’Preferences’’.
  • Look for the option ‘’Websites’’ and then the option ‘’Pop-up Windows’’.
  • There select the option reading ‘’When Visiting Other Websites’’.
  • Now choose either one of the options ‘’Block’’ or ‘’block or Notify’’.
  • Almost all the browsers have this kind of option where you can make few changes to disable the pop ups altogether.

Block Pop Ups on Movierulz via VPN

VPNs are mostly known for providing location anonymity and security when surfing online. But we can bet that 90 % of you have not known that some VPNs also can block pop ups and ads! One such VPN is NordVPN. This VPN is able to hide the annoying mid-streaming Autoplaying Video ads, pop-ups or other such advertisements.

One thing you should know that such VPNs with ad block features are paid ones. One needs to get a monthly or a yearly subscription.


Movierulz is one of the best options there is when it comes to watching and downloading movies or TV shows in multiple languages and image qualities. However, free services do need to make money to generate their operations. These websites mostly rely on these pop ups or other kinds of advertisements to keep the operations in flow. Above, we gave you few of the popular ways on how to stop pop ups on Movierulz. Choose whichever works best for you.

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