How to cast MovieRulz on your Android TV?

How to cast MovieRulz on your Android TV?

Movierulz undoubtedly has a daily large number of audiences due to its popularity in offering free movies and TV shows. The site gained popularity back in 2008, and then it started gaining popularity worldwide. Now with the advent of information technology and technological advancements, people are now able to watch movies and TV shows on their TV with a stable internet connection. Now you have the Android TV but the question now is How to cast MovieRulz onto your Android TV. Well, no need to worry about it anymore because we are here to provide you with all the information that you need. Also read: How to stop pop-ups on Movierulz?

Actually, we are here with not one but with two methods. Both of these methods are very lengthy, so buckle up your seat belts. This guide is going to take you step by step to safely and efficiently install the Movierulz APK on the Android TV.

1st Method

This is the first method and it involves a lot of steps, so take caution to follow each step to the letter.

Step 1

Open your Android TV and then go to the homepage. Once there look for the option ‘’Settings’’ located on the top right side of the screen. Click on this button.

Step 2

Select for the option ‘’Device’’ in the settings panel.

Step 3

Next will be the ‘Developer Option’, click on this button.

Step 4

Select the option ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’.

Step 5

From here, select the option ‘’Turn On’’.

Step 6

Now, once you have done this, return to the Android TV’s home page and click on the ‘’Search Box’’.

Step 7

Within the Search Box, start typing ‘’Downloader’’.

Step 8

After the results pull up, select the app by the name ‘’Downloader App’’ and install it.

Step 9

Once the app is downloaded, run it.

Step 10

For the first, a permission window will pop up; simply Allow It.

Step 11

Now once more open this Downloader app and enter in its ‘’Settings’’.

Step 12

Within the Settings section, you will see the option by the name ‘’Enable JavaScript’’; simply Enable It.

Step 13

Select the option Browser and there you will see the option for entering URLs.

Step 14

Click on this section for URLs and write the URL https:/

Step 15

After waiting for a few moments, the MovieRulz app will start downloading. Wait till this downloading is finished.

Step 16

Once the MovieRulz app is downloaded, install it.

Step 17

Now once more go back to the home page of the Android TV and select the option Apps.

Step 18

The Movierulz app is now installed and you can see it. Simply launch the app and enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

An alternative method for ‘How to cast Movierulz’

The above method might be a long one but it is one of the widely used methods for Chrome cast MovieRulz on your Android TV. Still, the world of tech tricks and tips is unlimited and thus there exists another method as well. You can use this method in case the first method is not working out for you. Cast your favourite movies and TV shows onto your Android TV to enjoy either alone or with your family on the big screen for a fun time.

The steps to an alternative method of how to cast MovieRulz are as follows.

Step 1: Make sure the Device is compatible

Ensure that both the mobile device and Android TV are connected to a stable Wi-fi network. You also need to make sure that the Android TV also support the casting functionality before you start the process.

Step 2: Ready your Android TV

Turn the Android TV on and make sure that both the mobile device and the Android TV are connected to a single similar Wi-Fi network. Now navigate to the website that offers the Movierulz app on Android TV and install the app ‘’Movierulz app’’.

Step 3: First Download and install the Google Home App

On the mobile device, open the Google Play Store and look for the app Google Home app; download & Install it. Open this app and sign in with the Google Account you use.

Step 4: Connect your Devices

On your mobile device, run the Google home app tap on the icon ‘’+’’ and add a new device. Select the option ‘’Set up device’’ and then choose the option ‘’Set up new devices in your home’’.

Step 5: Look for your Android TV

The app will automatically start locating the nearby devices and once the Android TV name is shown, select it to add. Follow all the instructions on-screen to complete adding the new device.

Step 6: Cast Movierulz

Now open the app Movierulz on your mobile device and look for the movie or TV show that you want to see. Search the Casting Icon which is normally located on the top right of the screen and click on it.

Now simply select the Android TV in the list of the devices available for connection.

Step 7: Enjoy the Movie or TV show on the Big Screen

Once the Android TV is selected on the mobile device, the content will start playing on the Android TV. You can now use your mobile device as the remote controller to control both the playback speed and volume.

A tip here is to always use a single same Wi-Fi network for a smooth casting experience.


Movierulz is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Especially, it’s a great option when we are talking about free content. Beware; the content that you watch on Movierulz is all pirated content. Still not all of us are lucky or loaded enough to buy those heavy subscriptionsof the streaming giants. As for the two methods on ‘’How to cast MovieRulz’’ they are both simple ones. Choose whichever you find best for your needs. There might be other methods as well but at the time these two are the best ones there are to cast MovieRulz.

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