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Movierulz is one of those websites that allows its users to enjoy movies and TV shows for free. The best thing about MovieRulz APKs is that not only is it free but also its vast database comprised of movies and TV shows in multiple languages. Movierulz is totally a free website where users can both download or watch their favourite movies or TV shows online for free without the permission of the makers. There are many best alternatives to MovieRulz out there as well and people; depending upon their demographic, choose the best alternative to it.

Most of the users on MovieRulz are from India and Pakistan due to the presence of Indian movies and TV shows. It also boasts a huge collection of Hollywood movies & TV shows. The content on the site is categorized into many sections which makes it user-friendly to look for what they need.

Movierulz: Banned!

As we all already know MovieRulz is a torrent website and thus the content on it comes under copyright laws protection and thus the site is heavily scrutinized. This copyright issue has led to the ban of Movierulz in multiple countries across the world. This ban has led to an ever-increasing need for users to look for other best alternatives to MovieRulz. Today we come to you presenting a solution to this alternative solution to fulfil your video streaming needs. We ourselves are avid movie lovers and understand the frustration well which comes with not being able to watch these movies & TV shows. We have come up with a whole list of the best alternatives to MovieRulz for our readers today.

What do you need to look at when choosing an alternative for Movierulz?

There are several things or let’s say aspects; one needs to look for when choosing for a particular MovieRulz alternative. These are those aspects.

See how vast is the Content Library:

One thing that matters for a MovieRulz alternative is to see how vast is the website’s content library. A good alternative needs to have a wide range of movie TV shows list including all the latest realises along with classic titles. You need to ensure that the alternative has the same content range as the original Movierulz websites with some of the best international titles. One more thing so to make sure that the alternative is constantly updating its library with newer releases of both Movies and TV shows.

Video Quality must offer various preferences:

The next thing to consider in an alternative is to see what video qualities it offers. The best alternative must offer the video quality in a 720p resolution to ensure an immersive viewing experience.

User Friendly Interface:

Another thing to look for is the user interface; an intuitive interface which users can navigate through easily and have an efficient search function to look for movies & TV shows.

Safety & Security:

One more thing is the safety feature of the website meaning how secure the website is to surf. Is it from malicious viruses and bugs that can harm your system’s integration? It must also have a clean terms of user privacy policy to ensure that the user data is protected.

Cross-device Availability:

Cross-device and cross-platform compatibility is also an important factor when looking for a MovieRulz alternative. A great alternative should be available for use on laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets. It must also offer the option for viewing content offline.

Best Alternatives to Movierulz


iBOMMA is another great alternative to MovieRulz for streaming video content it gained popularity in the past few years due to the presence of Taegu movies and TV shows for free. One can look for TV shows and movies in Telugu for genres like action, drama, comedy, romance, and much more.

One great feature of iBOMMA besides free content is that it regularly updates its content library. So, now you can watch all the latest releases any time you like.

Extra Movies

A similar website to that of Movierulz is ExtraMovies and the thing that makes it such a great addition is that offers a wide range of video resolutions. Users, when visiting the website and choosing a movie or TV show, they get 3 links for various file sizes.




Users can then select from these file sizes to download the one that suits their storage requirements. Also, one can easily look for the content in the specific genre section as the content has been compiled into genre categories.

Tamil Yogi

Tamil Yogi is one of the best alternatives to MovieRulz because it offers Tamil movies and TV show lovers an ease of access to Tamil content. The user-friendly interface with proper categorization of the content for navigation makes it a great alternative. Genres include romance, drama, comedy, action, and many others. For Tamil lovers, the website has a special service. Once you select a Tamil movie or TV show here, it opens up in the new tab for streaming online.


This is another great website for Tamil content lovers with its vast library and feature of regular updates. For those who wish to watch movies online, it is the best option; offering lots of Bollywood movies and shows apart from Tamil movies. Offering the users a vast genre section including horror, comedy, science fiction and many others. Be advised that sometimes the downloading fails mid-process.


Einthusan is a website with a library full of South Asian movies & TV shows. So, for those looking to watch Indian movies and TV shows, Einthusan is their best option. Here they can look for movies and TV shows of varying genres and languages like







The website is free to use but there will be lots of ads mid-streaming; there exists a subscription package for a sum of 25$ per 3 years; giving an ads-free experience.


As more and more pirated websites are coming under the radar and shut down; movie lovers are looking for new websites like MovieRulz where they can watch this content for free. For our readers, we especially compiled this article to let them know the best alternative to MovieRulz to watch their favourite movies & TV shows. However, we still recommend that you opt for the legal alternative as it helps support the industry of filmmaking as a whole and for them to make better content. Also, security is paramount for legal alternatives which are not guaranteed in the case of these illegal alternatives.

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